Studio MK27 located in the chaotic city of São Paulo was founded in the late 70’s by architect Marcio Kogan and today is comprised of 30 architects and various collaborators worldwide. The architects of the team, great admirers of the Brazilian modernism generation, seek to fulfill the task of rethinking and giving continuity to this iconic architectural movement. The projects of Studio MK27 place value on formal simplicity and are elaborated  with extreme care and attention to details and finishings. 

Kogan is an honorary member of the AIA (American Institute of Architecture), Professor at Escola da Cidade in São Paulo and Politecnico di Milano, considered by Época magazine as one of the 100 Most Influential persons in Brazil, is part of “Wallpaper’s 150 Famous for 15 Years”, and came in 39th in Dezeen's Hot List 2017. 

He leads a team of architects who, for the most part, have been working with him for over a decade. 
Since 2001, when he started a co-creation and cooperative work system at the office, studio mk27 has won more than 250 national and international awards, such as: IAB (Institute of Brazilian Architects), São Paulo Architectural Biennial, WAF, Architectural Review, Dedado Minosse, Record House, Leaf, D&AD, Spark, Barbara Cappochin, Iconic, AZ, Buenos Aires Ibero-americana Architectural Biennial and Wallpaper Design Award.

The Studio team has lectured at the Royal Academy of Arts, AIA, Société Française des Architectes, Clubovka, FAU-USP, Mackenzie, FAAP, Politecnico di Milano, Mantova, Verona, Valencia, South Florida, Rice, The University of Texas, Cornell and Yale universities among others. In 2012 studio mk27 represented Brazil at the Venice Biennale, which meant some extra kilos for the group of 10 architects who went for a gondola ride.

Marcio Kogan | Founder
Marcio Kogan

Needless to say, Marcio is the founding architect and professor of all the team at studio mk27, He was born in the chaotic city of São Paulo and graduated from FAU-Mackenzie in 1976. He is a guest professor at the Politecnico di Milano and Escola da Cidade, where he recently concluded his Master in Education, Society and Culture. He worked as a movie director until after he shot his first long feature in 1988 and then, bankrupt, had to content himself with being an architect. He is the author of all the projects of studio mk27 and is an honorary member of the AIA (American Institute of Architects) and of the council of the Museum Of Art of São Paulo (MASP). He is certain that a good cotoletta alla Milanese is more important than architecture.

Diana Radomysler | Director
Diana Radomysler

Graduated in Architecture in 1983 from FAU-Mackenzie, she has been a part of studio mk27 since 1994 and is the co-author of 30 architectural projects. Currently, she coordinates the interior design projects at studio mk27. She heads a team of three other architects, specialized in interior and industrial design.

Mariana Simas | Director
Mariana Simas

Graduated in Architecture from FAU-USP in 2006 and has an MBA from FGV in Architectural Office Management. She won the Young Architects Award from IAB and Best of the Year from the American Interior Design for her Casa Pier Project. She has been at studio mk27 since 2008, co-authored Decameron store (2010), was a jury of the World Architecture Festival and represented the studio in lectures at the Royal Academy of Arts in London, Politecnica de Valencia, IID in New Delhi and Bangalore, among others. She coordinates the areas of strategic planning, new projects, and legal and communication departments. Mariana counts on the priceless collaboration of two architects in the Department of Communication, and 4 assistants at the Administrative and Financial Departments.

Renata Furlanetto | Director
Renata Furlanetto

Architect, graduated from FAU-Mackenzie in 1997 and specialized in “Design in Time” at UPC in Barcelona. Her project “From Local to Global” won the Europandom Award and her House in Araçoiaba project won the Young Architects Award from IAB. At studio mk27 since 2001, she has headed15 competition projects and currently coordinates Architecture Team 1. Among other projects, Renata co-authored Mirindibas House (2006); Lago House (2008); Pátio House (2009); Little brick House (2009); V4 House (2011); NC House (2012); Rocas House in Chile (2012); B+B House (2013) and Ramp House (2014). She is currently responsible for the development of a hotel project in the Maldives.

Suzana Glogowski | Director
Suzana Glogowski

Architect graduated from FAU-Mackenzie in 1997, joined the team at studio mk27 in 2002, where she coordinates Architecture Team 2. She leads the efforts for innovation and creative research for the studio. She has co-authored, among others, Quinta House (2004); Laranjeiras House (2008); Osler House (2009); Paraty House (2009); Bahia House (2010); Studio SC (2011); L’and Vineyards Hotel in Portugal (2011), Punta House in Uruguay (2011); Cube House (2012), L House (2013) and Caledonian Somosaguas in Madrid (2017).

Lair Reis | Project manager and architect
Lair Reis
Project manager and architect

Architect, graduated from FAU-Mackenzie in 2000, has an MBA in Sustainable Constructions from GBC Brazil. His Residence Bueno de Carvalho project won the annual Award from IAB/SP. He joined the studio in 2004, where he coordinates the implementation of BIM systems, sustainability initiatives and controls his teams’ project deadlines and design quality. He has co-authored CR House (2006); Primetime Nursery (2007); Forneria San Paulo Restaurant (2009); Ipês House (2011); P House (2012); HL Flat (2012); Fio House (2015); Catuçaba House (2015) and Planar house (2018).

Pedro Ribeiro | Project manager and architect
Pedro Ribeiro
Project manager and architect

Graduated in 2001 from the Faculdade de Arquitectura at UT de Lisboa. He worked with Aires Mateus and came to the Studio in 2014. He is a part of the Interiors Team and has collaborated in the projects of the EDP Headquarters in Lisbon (2015), Pásqua House(2016), Sand house in Bahia (2018) and co-authored the Quadrado furniture line for Minotti (2018).

Marcio Tanaka | Senior architect
Marcio Tanaka
Senior architect

He joined studio mk27 in 2011. Graduated from FAU-USP in 2002, he was awarded in the competition for the Historic Center of Sumaré in 2002. He co-authored Cultura Bookstore at Shopping Iguatemi (2012) , Volume C of MiCasa Store (2018) and the Sand house in Bahia (2018). Currently developing two projects for public squares and the Zanine museum.

Samanta Cafardo | Project manager and architect
Samanta Cafardo
Project manager and architect

Architect, graduated from FAU-Mackenzie in 1997, specialized in “Large Scale Projects” from UPC in Barcelona. Her project “From Local to Global” won the Europandom Award, also receiving in 2001 the Dutch Amphibious Living Award from Kunstgebouw for her Manguetown Project. In 2002 she joined her university colleagues at studio mk27 to compose the initial group of co-authors. She has led the three large scale residential developments that the studio has designed and co-authored Panama House (2008); Flamboyant House (2010); Redux House (2013); C+C House (2015), Jungle House (2015) and Lima house in Peru (2018).

Carlos Costa | Art Director
Carlos Costa
Art Director

He graduated from FAU-USP in 2005 and has a Master in Graphic Design and Art Direction from IDEP, Barcelona. He has worked for advertising agencies until joining studio mk27 in 2012. He is responsible for the brand, the presentations and visual communication.

Luciana Antunes | Senior architect
Luciana Antunes
Senior architect

Graduated from Belas-Artes in 2003 and has a Master from Politecnica University of Catalunha, in Barcelona (UPC). She worked at EMBT office – Enric Miralles / Benedetta Tagliabue for the Spanish Pavilion Project at the Shanghai Expo 2010. At studio mk27 she has co-authored 3 shop projects: Talchá; Cultura Bookstore (2013); and Loja Lumini in Rio (2014); and 3 flats: the SP_Penthouse (2015), Flat #12 (2018) and Flat #5 (2018).

Mariana Ruzante | Senior designer
Mariana Ruzante
Senior designer

She graduated in Architecture from FAU-USP in 2004. Focused on furniture and product design since her first years of study and career, she has permanently joined the studio team in 2012, coordinating the development of fixed furniture and product design. She has collaborated on Ramp House (2015); Fio House (2015); White House (2015), co-authored the DR bathtub for Agape (2013) and the nk55mk01 lamp for Viabizzuno.

Oswaldo Pessano | field inspector
Oswaldo Pessano
field inspector

Since 1978, Oswaldo coordinates the Construction Site Supervision activities of all the studio’s national projects. With his help, the new architects are trained to verify the compatibility between execution and architectural construction drawings. He is responsible for transfering the know-how from project to project and for keeping the architects updated about new constructive solutions.

Giovanni Meirelles | Architect
Giovanni Meirelles

With two degrees, one in Communication from ESPM (1998) and one in Architecture from FAU-USP (2007), he participated in 2006 in the student Exchange program in Delft, Netherlands. He was Assistant Professor on the Architectural Project course at Escola da Cidade for two years and collaborated with the GMF-FAUUSP study group on the Metropolitan Waterway Ring of São Paulo. In the studio since 2013.

Laura Guedes | Communications officer
Laura Guedes
Communications officer

Architect graduated from FAU-USP in 2005, has a Master in Art Museum and Gallery Studies from the University of Leicester. She lives in London since 2008 where she collaborates with new projects for studio mk27 and the publication of projects in magazines, books, websites and exhibitions.

Regiane Leão | Architect
Regiane Leão

Graduated from FAU-USP in 2000 and has a Master from the University of Montreal in “Conservation de l’environnement bâti”. She is a member of IRAC - Institut Royal D’architecture du Canada. She worked at the Ministry of Culture in Quebec and in the most renowned conservation company in Canada, DFS, where she collaborated in five large scale projects on heritage conservation, all linked with the universities Of Montreal and McGill in Toronto. She joined studio mk27 in 2003 until 2007 and returned to the team in 2014.

André Sumida | Architect
André Sumida

Architect, gradutated from FAU-MACKENZIE in 2008. He had contact with BIM from the first years of graduation and has since used the tool to design. In 2017 joined the team at studio mk27 developing the project of a hotel in the Maldives.

Luisa Vicentini | Designer
Luisa Vicentini

Architect, graduated in 2012 from FAU-Mackenzie, she spent a year studying at ENSA-PVS in Paris. In 2013, she worked in the atelier of renowned French architect Christian de Portzamparc, winner of the Pritzker Prize in 1994. She joined Studio in 2018 to be part of the interiors team.

Renata Scheliga | Architect
Renata Scheliga

Architect, graduated from FAU-USP in 2012, with a double degree in Civil Engineering from Poli-USP. She worked at Aflalo/Gasperini and Athie|Wohnrath, where she gained experience in large scale projects and in BIM as a project development tool. In 2018, she joined studio mk27’s architecture team to help in the development of projects and assist in the implementation of BIM in the Studio.

Renato Périgo | Designer
Renato Périgo

Architect graduated from FAU-USP in 2012, with time spent at the Politecnico di Milano in Italy. He specialized in furniture and interior design, having participated in several projects in these areas. In 2016, he joined the studio's interiors team.

Ricardo Ariza | Architect
Ricardo Ariza

Architect graduated in 2006 from São Judas Tadeu University, he collaborated with the studio as a freelance since 2009. He joined the team permanently in 2017.

Tamara Lichtenstein | Assistant art director
Tamara Lichtenstein
Assistant art director

She graduated from FAU-USP in 2018. Participated of a Master of Communication Design exchange program with Science Without Borders at Parsons The New School For Design in New York. Tamara joined the studio mk27’s team in 2017 as an intern and in 2018 was hired into communication’s team.

Alanna Scarcelli | Trainee architect
Alanna Scarcelli
Trainee architect

Graduated from FAU-Mackenzie in 2017. She is currently doing a master at Escola da Cidade with the theme Geography, City and Architecture. She joined the Studio as an intern and now, as a trainee architect, she collaborates with a hotel project in São Paulo and residences in Spain.

Beatriz Sombra | Trainee architect
Beatriz Sombra
Trainee architect

Graduated from FAU-USP in 2019. She joined the Studio as an intern and now, as a trainee architect, she collaborates with a residence project in São Paulo and Spain.

Carolina Klocker | Designer
Carolina Klocker

Architect graduated from Escola da Cidade in 2009, she has a postgraduate degree in “Technology and Management in the Production of Buildings” from USP and a master’s degree in “Advanced Architectural Projects” from the Politecnico de Madrid. She has worked in UNA Architects and in the development of SESC-Campo Limpo, project done as a collaboration between students and teachers of the Escola da Cidade. She joined the studio in 2017.

Eduardo Radomysler | Trainee architect
Eduardo Radomysler
Trainee architect

Graduated from FAU-Usp in 2019. He joined the Studio as an intern and now, as a trainee architect, he collaborates with residences projects in São Paulo.

Gabriela Chow | Trainee architect
Gabriela Chow
Trainee architect

Graduated from FAU-Mackenzie in 2016. She participated in 3 international ideas contests, and was a finalist at Arquideas - Atacama Museum of Astronomy. She was an intern at Isay Weinfeld's office and is now the office apprentice working in the renovation of Patio House.

Gustavo Ramos | Designer
Gustavo Ramos

Architect graduated from FAU-USP in 2018. Participated of a Master of Architecture (M.Arch) exchange program with Science Without Borders at Parsons The New School For Design in New York. Gustavo joined the studio mk27’s team in 2017.

Rodrigo Izecson | Financial manager
Rodrigo Izecson
Financial manager

Arquiteto e urbanista pela FAU-USP com pós graduação em administração de empresas pela FGV. Atuou nos escritórios Brasil Arquitetura, Sidônio Porto Arquitetos, nas incorporadoras Idea!Zarvos e Even, além de ter tido seu próprio escritório, dedicado à elaboração de projetos, ao gerenciamento de obras e à prestação de consultoria para incorporadoras. Professor de incorporação na Ycon, passou a integrar o Studio MK27 em 2019 como gerente financeiro.

Adriana Antonello | Accounts
Adriana Antonello

Collection Department of Studio mk27. Graduated in Business Administration.

Amanda Temponi | Accounts
Amanda Temponi

Departamento de Cobrança do studio mk27. Formada em Administração.

Maria Clara Silva | Catering
Maria Clara Silva

Juice and Feijoada Department at studio mk 27.

Sandra Ferreira | Catering
Sandra Ferreira

Juice and Feijoada Department at studio mk 27.

Valdinei Fernandes | Driver
Valdinei Fernandes